Get control of your business and life...starting today.

Real estate agents CAN have it all--amazing businesses AND amazing lives. You don't have to continue to struggle, writing offers during your child's soccer game, running everywhere in your car, losing sleep, running on fumes. And you don't have to waste hours reinventing the wheel to get there. Our simple, tactical systems will help you scale your business, and get your life back.

Let's do this! ENROLL in Real Estate ON PURPOSE today!

Real Estate On Purpose has EVERYTHING you need....

  • Learn OUR PROVEN PROCESS you need to know to systemetize your entire business to get complete control, from start to finish!
  • Build a completely SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE business
  • FINALLY figure out a schedule that works for YOU, and learn to stick to it!
  • Manage and AUTOMATE your tasks and email, and so nothing falls through the cracks, and to lower your stress!
  • Set real boundaries on your time and learn our TOOLS and HACKS for extreme FOCUS!
  • SYSTEMATIZE your lead generation and marketing efforts, so you're ALWAYS generating new business!
  • Most importantly, regain control, so you can SCALE your business, and ENJOY LIFE at the same time! 

What you're getting....

4-Module Video Training Course

These modules will get you off to the races, in complete control of your life and business.

24/7 Instant and Lifetime Access

Go at your own pace, and revisit modules as you need to! Including updates! 

Swipe Files

Editable versions of our emails, scripts, schedules, business plans and more, ready for you to use RIGHT NOW!

Fillable Training Guides

Using our templates, you'll develop goals, systems, and schedules that work for YOU.

Members-Only Facebook Group

Join a community of like-minded people on the same journey. Share resources, helpful hints, and wins along the way. Plus direct access to the Boom Team inside the group!

Bonus Module 5 - Live Q&A

Struggling with the program in any way? Module 5 will address any of you questions! Hosted LIVE by the Boom Team!

Step-By-Step Instructions

We'll show you EXACTLY how to set these systems up and stick to them, so you're always in control of your business.

The Modules

Module 1: Your Game Plan for Life and Business [ON PURPOSE]

  • Module 1.1 - The ON PURPOSE Mindset
  • Module 1.2 - Goal Setting for Your Best Year Ever!
  • Module 1.3 - Your 2-Page Business Plan

Module 3: Managing Your Tasks and Email [ON PURPOSE]

  • Module 3.1 - Task Management For Complete Control
  • Module 3.2 - Keeping Email Clutter-Free
  • Module 3.3 - Email Hacks and Tips

Module 2: Using your Time [ON PURPOSE]

  • Module 2.1 - Your Calendar Is Everything
  • Module 2.2 - Setting Your Weekly Schedule
  • Module 2.3 - Setting Your Daily Schedule
  • Module 2.4 - Setting REAL Boundaries

Module 4: Simple, Effective Lead Generation [ON PURPOSE]

  • Module 4.1 - Organizing Your Database
  • Module 4.2 - Your Bread & Butter - Sphere Marketing System
  • Module 4.3 - Simple, Effective Lead Follow Up
  • Module 4.4 - Supplemental Lead Generation [Open Houses, Cold Calling, Farming, Social Media, etc.

Module 5 - LIVE Q&A

“Real Estate ON PURPOSE gave me the blueprint I needed to organize my crazy busy life! On top of being a full time Realtor, I’m also a stay at home mom and a volunteer. The Boom Team delivered real, tangible advice and steps to take in order to take back control of not only my business but my life! Everything has a place in my day, now, and I’m definitely not as overwhelmed as I was prior to completing the course.” - Kate

What some of our successful students have to say! 

“I literally open Facebook and check the notifications hoping there will be a new post in this group. Real Estate ON PURPOSE showed me that its possible to be in complete control of my business, and made it an achievable goal that I'm working towards.” - Ovadyah  

"Real Estate ON PURPOSE changed how I do business." Samantha

“I spent my first two years in the business primarily reacting to what was happening in front of me, partly working my systems and partly just trying to keep my head above water. REOP has showed me how to take control of my business in a planned and organized way...on purpose. I am more productive now than before, and am able to manage a larger workload now thanks to these systems. Thanks Boom Team!” - Andrew

"How much does Real Estate On Purpose COST?"

The mistake most people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

Or worse, how much commission income you're missing out on by being disorganized and out of control. By not having effective systems in place to scale your business, you're leaving money on the table.

This is your chance to cut the learning curve, skyrocket your growth, and get control of your life at the same time. 

And you can do for just $397!!

P.S. We want this course to be worth every penny you invest in it. Which means we'll do everything we possibly can to ensure your success!

P.S. PLUS, we have a 90-day money back guarantee!

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Plus, when you enroll into Real Estate ON PURPOSE, you'll get these bonuses FREE:

Swipe Files VAULT [$97 VALUE]

  • Email templates
  • Scripts
  • Schedules
  • And more, to use RIGHT NOW

When and How to Hire Help [VIDEO TRAINING][$197 VALUE]

  • How you know you're ready
  • Creative ways of paying, to minimize risk
  • Who you should hire, and what they should do for you
  • The hiring process, made easy

Fillable Deep-Dive Business Plan [$197 VALUE]

  • Get into a deeper, detailed business plan
  • Fillable advanced metrics, full marketing plan

Dealing With Real Estate Emergencies [VIDEO TRAINING][$97 VALUE]

  • What to do when that time-sensitive emergency threatens to ruin your day [or life!]